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New Gallery Layout!

We finally got a new gallery layout. It is made by myself. I thought the gallery needed a new look. I hope you like it, please give an option about it.

Kendall’s Birthday Party Photos

On November 3rd it was Kendall’s 17th birthday. She was in Australia during her birthday but when she came home she had a birthday party. I’ve added 21 high quality photos in the gallery. Be sure to check them out.

Kendall Jenner’s Genlux Magazine Photoshoot

Kendall has been photographed for the “Genlux Magazine”. The photoshoot is amazing and the cover is gorgeous!

I have uploaded 7  medium and high quality photos of this photoshoot so make sure you will check them out on the Gallery.

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Kylie arriving LAX Airport with Khloe and Kris

Kylie were seen arriving LAX Airport with her mom Kris Jenner and half-sister Khloe Kardashian in Los Angeles for two days ago (October 2). I’ve added 8 high/medium quality photos in the gallery, be sure you check the photos out!

New Gallery Layout!

We have now a new gallery look. It is very different than the old one and more lighter and beautiful. I want to say thank my dear friend Huzi on Brighter Designs for designing it. I did the coding with some help by Huzi. I hope you like it! Go and visit the gallery to see the layout.

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