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[Instagram] Kendall: “my sweetheart ”

Kendall: “my sweetheart ”

Kendall: “my sweetheart emoji

[Instagram] Kendall: ”good ol days with @skyesavoy”

Kendall: “good ol days with @skyesavoy”

Kendall:good ol days with @skyesavoy

[Instagram] Kylie: “MY CUTIE @kimkardashian ”

Kylie: “MY CUTIE @kimkardashian ”

Kylie: “MY CUTIE @kimkardashian emojiemojiemojiemoji

[Instagram] Kylie: “Crusin w The Lord @letthelordbewithyou”

Kylie: “Crusin w The Lord @letthelordbewithyou”Kylie“Crusin w The Lord @letthelordbewithyou

[Instagram] Kylie: ”Happy birthday my Jackson!..”

Kylie: “Happy birthday my Jackson! @jacque_rae I love you ”


Kylie: “Happy birthday my Jackson! @jacque_rae I love you emoji

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