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Kendall Jenner in Cosmopolitan Magazine Fashion Feature May 2013



Maybe some of you already saw the Pics on my Twitter Page [@UltimateJenners] but the Pictures were   from a Really small size because they would be so heavy for Twitter, so I’m uploading them to the Gallery, them are 7 Medium Quality Pictures.  Soon I’ll post the Interview of Kendall for Cosmopolitan Magazine May 2013 Issue. Don’t forget to buy it and Keep tuning.


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[News] Kendall: “I just want to be left alone and be a normal kid for like five minutes”

17-year-old Kendall Jenner, has said she wants privacy twice in less than a month. The first time she said this recently was in an Interview for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine where she claimed that she’s constantly criticized for being ”too skinny”. She also said she is trying to gain weight but her body won’t let it happen. The second time  Kendall said this was in an Interview for Cosmopolitan Magazine (US) in wich she will appear. She will be featured in a Fashion Spree. We all (specially the ones who watch Kendall’s family show ”Keeping up with the Kardashians”)  that is really hard growing in the Jenner house because mostly of the time there’s so much preasure and drama inside of it. Kendall also claimed that she’s struggling with the balance between her family’s show and her need for privacy.

A lot of us, the  fans of the Jenner Sisters, got dissapointed when she said that there will not be a Spin-off show of them. When she was asked what was her next project she answered: “not a reality-show spin-off. That’s not happening. Modeling is my number one priority – one hundred percent.”

“I’m a very loyal and very private person when it comes to my personal life. But I obviously do have Twitter and Instagram, and I will share some of the things I’m doing. I like to promote my work when I’m at a photoshoot. I love to take pictures of myself or with the crew. But my personal life, I try to keep to myself as much as I can. I mean, I do get that I have a reality TV show, so it’s kind of contradicting myself, but at the same time, I’m trying to stay a little more private.” She said in Harper’s Bazaar Interview.

Kendall also said that “The show [“Keeping up With the Kardashians”] brought us [them] everything we [they] have, and I [she] realize that, but sometimes I [she] just want to be left alone and be a normal kid for like five minutes,” 

Anyways, Kendall is not Planning to stop with her Modeling Career for getting clear.

[Instagram] Kendall: “WAITTTT KYLIE YOU WERE…”



[Instagram] Kendall: “through the yearsss @KylieJenner”

Kendall: “through the yearsss @KylieJenner”

Kendall: “through the yearsss @KylieJenner

[Instagram] Kendall: “my sweetheart ”

Kendall: “my sweetheart ”

Kendall: “my sweetheart emoji

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