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New Co-Web

Hello and welcome back on Kendall And Kylie Fans! As you have already sean in the title,
I am the new co-web of this fan site.  I really love the site and I hope you like my work on here.

Please come back soon!


I’m very sorry the site hasn’t been regularly updated the latest weeks but it will be regularly updated as soon as possible. I’ll do gallery updates the upcoming days and also waiting for a new layout to the gallery. Btw, I hope you like the site’s new layout! The header is created by Camille and coded by Huzi. Thanks for visiting Kendall & Kylie Fans! is looking for staff!

We need your help to get this site more updated. So we searching for more people can can help update and upload photos in the gallery.


Gallery Updater: You will upload photos in the gallery. Both old photos that isn’t uploaded and new photos. (Coppermine Gallery experience is a plus.)

News Updater: You’ll post news about Kendall and Kylie. (WordPress experience is a plus.)

Icon Archive Updater: You’ll update the icon archive with icons made by you. (Cpanel or FTP and photo editing experience is a plus.)

You can also apply for all, a few or just one positions.

Also make sure you will have time to update the site. Do not apply if your not planning to update it.

If you are interested please email us at, with the form below filled out:

Positions applying for:

Also add your knowledge and experience in websites.

Thank you for reading! I hope you apply.

New Gallery Layout!

We have now a new gallery look. It is very different than the old one and more lighter and beautiful. I want to say thank my dear friend Huzi on Brighter Designs for designing it. I did the coding with some help by Huzi. I hope you like it! Go and visit the gallery to see the layout.

Welcome To Kendall-Kylie.Fans.Bz

Welcome to the grand opening of Kendall-Kylie.Fans.Bz, Your newest fan source for everything Kendall and Kylie Jenner. We will give you all the latest Kendall and Kylie photos, videos, news and much more.

The site is still not complete constructed yet, but we hope to get everything done as fast as possible.

Also we want to thank my dear friend Kayla for taking time to make us the layout for the site.

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