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Kylie for GQ Germany

Hello everyone. I added to the gallery photoshoot pictures of Kylie from GQ Germany. Enjoy!

KJ_28129~1.jpg KJ_28529~1.jpg KJ_28629~0.jpg KJ_28329~1.jpg

Kylie for V Magazine

Hello everyone. Kylie had a photoshoot for V Magazine. Enjoy!

1~1418.jpg 2~1351.jpg

Kylie for Puma – Velvet Rope

1~1417.jpg 2~1350.jpg 3~1276.jpg 4~1207.jpg

Kylie for “Quay Australia”

Hello! Kylie had a photoshoot for her collection with Quay Australia. Enjoy!

1~1416.jpg 2~1349.jpg 3~1275.jpg 5~1151.jpg

Kendall for Vogue USA

Hello. I added scans and photoshoot pictures of Kendall for Vogue USA. Enjoy!

1~1413.jpg 6~1090.jpg 5~1150.jpg 6~1091.jpg

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