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[Photos] Kylie Jenner leaving Rihanna’s Concert April 8th 2013


Kylie attended to Rihanna’s Concert Monday April 8th at the strapless center, wearing a black tank top, some shorts, and a RICH SOIL Beanie.

kylie-040813- (2) kylie-040813- (3) kylie-040813- (4) (1) Kylie Jenner attending Rihanna's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles

>>Kylie Jenner >> Candids >> 2013>> Kylie Jenner Leaving Rihanna’s concert April 8th 2013

[Photos] Kendall Jenner Leaving the Gym April 8th


Kendall was wearing black tight leggings and a Gray tank top the Monday April 8th while leaving the Gym in Los Angeles, CA in the Morning. Kendall was spotted by Paparazzis when she was leaving the Place. We added some pictures tot he Gallery for you to see them.

71MRK5TERX_article-0-193023CB000005DC-28_634x816 KENDALL JENNER in Tight Leggings KENDALL-JENNER-in-Tight-Leggings-Arriving-at-a-Gym-in-Los-Angeles-4-535x697 tumblr_mkzj1jnHLH1rr1k6go2_1280

>>Kendall Jenner >> Candids >> 2013 >> Kendall Jenner Leaving Gym in Los Angeles April 8th 2013

[Candids] Kendall arriving to Rihanna’s Concert April 8th 2013


Kendall was at the Rihanna’s concert Last nigh (April 8th 2013). She was with her sister Kylie Jenner and some friends, between them Nicolette, Jaque, Bella and others.

article-2306278-1930FED7000005DC-607_306x867 article-2306278-19310B19000005DC-918_634x866 Kendall Jenner bares midriff at Rihanna concert kendall_jenner_rihanna_concert__6byHnnty.sized

>>Kendall Jenner>> Candids>> 2013 >> KENDALL JENNER RIHANNA’S CONCERT APRIL 8TH 2013


Kendall’s Birthday Party Photos

On November 3rd it was Kendall’s 17th birthday. She was in Australia during her birthday but when she came home she had a birthday party. I’ve added 21 high quality photos in the gallery. Be sure to check them out.

Kylie arriving LAX Airport with Khloe and Kris

Kylie were seen arriving LAX Airport with her mom Kris Jenner and half-sister Khloe Kardashian in Los Angeles for two days ago (October 2). I’ve added 8 high/medium quality photos in the gallery, be sure you check the photos out!

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