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[Photos] Kendall, Kylie an their Family Horseback riding in Greece


Continuing with the Kardashians-Jenenrs annual family vacations, yerterday the Kardashians and Jenners went to a horseback riding in Greece


>>Kendall and Kylie >> Candids >> 2013 >> HORSEBACK RIDING IN GREECE APRIL 28TH

[Photos] {Exlcusive} Kendall and Kylie in Mykonos Greece


The Jenners and Kardashians are currently located in Mykonos, Greece. They’re staying in a Villa and they went with Kris, Khloe, Kim, Lamar, Brandon & Brody Jenner, Leah Felder, Bruce, Penelope and Mason. They’re there because their annual family vacation! KendallKylieFans,.com has the first exclusive pictures of Kendall and Kylie sharing moments with their family!


>>Kendall and Kylie >> Candids >> 2013 >> Kendall and Kylie in Mykonos, Greece with family April

[Candids] Kendall and Kylie leaving Kourtney’s Birthday Dinner


Kendall and Kylie were in Malibu, yesterday (April 18th) because their older Sister Kourtney Kardashian was tourning 34th. They were with other members of the Family too in Taberna Tony.

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>>Kendall and Kylie >> Candids >> 2013 >> Kendall and Kylie leaving Taverna Tony’ in Malibu for Kourtney’s Birthday Dinner April 18th

[Candids] Kendall and Kylie Shopping in Malibu April 18th with Sophia Richie


  The youngest sisters of the Clan Kardashian were spotted this Thursday (April 18th) shopping in Malibu. Kendall and Kylie were with Sophia Richie, Nicole Richie’s daughter and another friend of the duo

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[Candids] Kendall arriving Tarzana with Khloe Kardashian April 16th 2013


Kendall Jenner was spotted arriving ”Tarzana” April 16th with her older sister Khloe Kardashian.

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>>Kendall Jenner >> Candids >> 2013 >> Kendall and Khloe arriving to Tarzana April 16th

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