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[Photos] Kendall Jenner shooting with ”Agua Bendita Swimwear”


Kendall was spotted shooting with ”Agua Bendita” swimwear this week. The photoshoot was in a Malibu Beach and she wore pieces of the 2014 Collection.

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Preview of Kendall Jenner’s shoot for the Woodies campaign


Well. About a Week ago i shared a never-seen-before preview thanks to @LyAllAstonPhoto. Thanks to her collaboration I could show you a Sneek peek of Kendall Jenner’s photoshoot for the Woodies campaign. I credited it because someone styoled mine last time I had one Exclusive. So here it is without credit! Keep tuning.

[Photos] Kendall Jenner for the Woodies Campaign!

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Kendall Jenner was Recently in a Photoshoot for the Sunglasses and Soon Iphone Cases Company ”Woodies”- The pictures were taken in march by Lyall Aston. I’m really thankful to her because through this days she has sent me some Sneek pics and another Picture never seen before that i ALready posted, wich has a watermark because some days ago someone stole my exclusive and din’t credit me. The day the full campaign is Released I’ll post the picture without credit, or jus ask for it, with the reason [Personal, Blog, Edit, Icon, etc..] And I’ll try to give it to you of course with the respective credit. [Email:]

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Exclusive Sneek Peek of Kendall Jenner’s Shoot from the Woodies Campaign!

Woodies-3180FINALweb(click to enlarge)

This is an Exclusive Picture never seen before thanks to Lyall Aston. In a couple of Weeks, the woodies campaign will be released and I’ll post all the Pictures. Including this without the watermark, because last time i had an Exclusive someone stole it, posted it, and didn’t credit me. So I wanted to give this sneek peek to you! Keep tuning to your best source of News, Pictures, Videos & More form Kendall and Kylie Jenner.


Kendall Jenner in Cosmopolitan Magazine Fashion Feature May 2013



Maybe some of you already saw the Pics on my Twitter Page [@UltimateJenners] but the Pictures were   from a Really small size because they would be so heavy for Twitter, so I’m uploading them to the Gallery, them are 7 Medium Quality Pictures.  Soon I’ll post the Interview of Kendall for Cosmopolitan Magazine May 2013 Issue. Don’t forget to buy it and Keep tuning.


cos-01-kendall-jenner-de     cos-02-kendall-jenner-de     cos-03-kendall-jenner-de    cos-04-kendall-jenner-de



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