Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Exclusive JJJ Interview!

Check out JustJaredJr exclusive interview with Kendall and Kylie Jenner!

Last week, JJJ had the chance to catch up with the duo and you’re going to love what they told us.

Find out what the sisters had to say about their Venus fashion videos and much more below. Check it:

JJJ: Your Getting Ready with Kendall & Kylie series for Venus is so fun! Which video message was your favorite to film?
Kendall & Kylie: The first video we shot all about getting ready for special events was our favorite. Our fans got to vote on the looks and we wore what they picked at our Seventeen cover signing event which was really cool. We really had a blast shooting the whole video series with Venus for Facebook!

JJJ: What are three beauty products that you can’t live without?
Kendall & Kylie
: A good moisturizer, a great foundation, and since we love wearing skirts and dresses, the Venus Embrace Razor is also a must-have.

JJJ: Venus is all about embracing your legs. Do you girls have any funny stories about the first time you shaved?
: I didn’t really know what I was doing when I first started shaving and I didn’t tell anyone that I was doing it. My mom was like, “Why did you shave your legs?!” I didn’t use water or shave gel and borrowed my sister’s razor. I know better now and never take a shower without shaving.
Kylie: I was scared to talk to my mom about shaving and one of my sisters ended up walking in on me shaving on the side of the tub and told me to use shaving cream. I’ve used it from then on, my favorite is the Satin Care Passionista Fruit shave gel.

JJJ: Since you both walked in NYFW, did you see any trends that you want to rock yourself?
Kendall & Kylie
: Cool jackets, chunky and off the shoulder sweaters, and lots of boots. We can’t wait for Fall to start so we care start wearing these looks!

JJJ: Speaking of fashion, if you could go shopping with any celebrity for a day who would it be and what stores would you go to?
Kendall & Kylie
: Maybe Nicki Minaj because it would fun to see how she puts those crazy looks together.

JJJ: Do you think your new niece will be a fashionista when she gets older?
Kendall & Kylie
: How can she not be with Kourtney as her mom and all her Aunties buying her the cutest clothes ever!

JJJ: What do you think is the key to being confident?
Kendall & Kylie
: Believing in yourself, having fun, and not taking it too seriously!

JJJ: Beside you both being beautiful on the outside, you’re also beautiful on the inside. What’s the best advice someone’s given you about working in the industry and staying true to yourself?
Kendall & Kylie
: Wow thanks, that’s a nice compliment! The industry can be really hard so have a good, honest and loyal group of friends who you can really trust.

JJJ: In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians you both said you wanted to try out home schooling. Are you still sticking with that this school year?
Kendall & Kylie
: Yeah, we’re going to be home schooled because our schedules have gotten so busy so well see how it goes, it’s a big change for us but we’re excited!

Source: JustJaredJr