Getting Ready With Kylie & Kendall Jenner

September means back to school for most, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner are no exception. While they’ll be forgoing a traditional school this year, the sisters still have lots of prep to do, and they’d like to help others with their routine, too.

The girls have been working with Gillette Venus and created a video series called ‘Getting Ready with Kendall & Kylie,’ that is full of product recommendations and beauty tips for their fans. Celebrity Teen Scoop talked exclusively with the stylish siblings and got the latest on what they’re doing this fall and their top picks for back-to-school essentials.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Where are you both are headed for school in the fall?
Kendall & Kylie: We are going to be home schooled this year because we’ve been so busy. We’re excited, but sad to miss the daily routine and all of our friends at school who we’ve been with since the first grade.

CTS: How are your styles similar? Different?
Kendall & Kylie: Yes and no, it really depends on the day and the event. Our styles are:
Kendall: Classic and Chic
Kylie: Edgy and fun

CTS: Do you share a lot of clothes and accessories?
Kendall & Kylie: Yes now more than ever, we’re lucky it’s like having twice the wardrobe.

CTS: Which one of you takes the longest to get ready to go out?
Kylie: I do, I usually change my outfit a few times before I decide.

CTS: What’s your ‘must have’ beauty item that you have with you at all time?
Kendall & Kylie: Hair bands or sunglasses.

CTS: Who are your style icons?
Kendall & Kylie: Our big sisters, Mother and Grandmother then Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus and all the girls on Pretty Little Liars.

CTS: What’s your favorite piece of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe right now?
Kendall & Kylie: For Fall we love boots, combat or riding style.

CTS: Name your Top 5 beauty essentials for the fall.
Kendall & Kylie: Our top five are really our all-year-round essentials…eyeliner, lip-gloss, perfume, mascara and the Venus Embrace razor.

CTS: Tell us a little bit about your Gillette Venus partnership.
Kendall & Kylie: We’ve been using Venus razors since we started shaving, and it is definitely a big part of our beauty routine. We have so much fun bringing our favorite products and tips to fans looking for advice on their prep routines, so we worked with Venus to create a video series called ‘Getting Ready with Kendall & Kylie.’ Check it out on the Venus Facebook page!

CTS: What’s coming up next for Kylie and Kendall?
Kendall & Kylie: So much! A clothing line, jewelry line and we’re so excited for our book to come out this Summer!!!!!