Kendall Jenner Reveals Life Plans After Leaving High School

Modeling and school don’t mix for Kendall Jenner.

Even though supermodels like Tyra Banks and Brooke Shields tout their Ivy League college educations, the hallowed halls of high school are no place for the 16-year-old Kardashian sister.

Along with 15-year-old sister Kylie, Kendall has exited the private Sierra Canyon High School in Chatsworth, Calif.

“It’s different,” she tells me this week of life after high school during Ubisoft’s Just Dance by Tumbler and Tipsy show at Style 360 in NYC. “It’s definitely a change, but so far I’m liking it. I’m able to do what I love to do, and be able to get out and travel and do all that. The only thing I miss is, like, my friends, and cheerleading and all that. That I miss, but other than that, I’m enjoying it so far.”

Instead, she plans to work in her chosen industry.

“I want to be a model,” she says of her life plans. “That’s my main goal.”

She continues, “With runway modeling, I love the adrenaline, I love the fun, I love the getting ready, walking it. It’s really fun and crazy, but it’s an adrenaline rush. I just love modeling in general. I enjoy doing it, I enjoy being challenged occasionally, I just have fun with it. I love doing it.”

Lucky for her, she is modeling in Ubisoft’s Just Dance by Tumbler and Tipsy show.

Just Dance and this line collaborated and made this crazy-fun line,” she says. “The energy is so amazing. It’s Just Dance, and everything is so fun and crazy and amazing, and I don’t know — that’s all I can say. It’s really fun, and I love it.”

Hm, any interest in acting? She has an upcoming guest appearance on Hawaii Five-0.

“No, not really. I do it sometimes just for fun, but it’s not my main goal.”

Still, she doesn’t mind if her future man is in the ‘biz.

Ryan Gosling is, like, my dream, but that’s not even a celebrity crush. That’s just a dream — that’s a fantasy. He’s very attractive!”

And if she’s ever in a bind, she can ask her sisters for advice. Namely, Kim Kardashian.

“She’s a very good talker,” Kendall says. “She’s very easy to talk to when you’re having problems or whatever. They all are — all three of my sisters. She’s really good at it, though.”

She adds, “Me and Kylie literally go to all three of them for everything, which is a lot.”

One thing they’ve taught her? The importance of an anti-aging regimen.

“I always have eye cream, just because my sisters scared me, and they make me wear eye cream,” she says. “They were saying ‘you don’t want to have wrinkles, you don’t want to have bags under your eyes when you’re older.’ Saying all this stuff. I was like ‘all right, I’m doing it, I’m putting it on.’”

Post-interview, Kendall busts a few moves on Just Dance to the sounds of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. Then, it’s showtime: She struts her stuff on the runway in looks inspired by the video game Just Dance 4 in front of her biggest fan: mom Kris Jenner.