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Twitter page

Hey. Now you can follow twitter page of the site 🙂

New Design

Hey. I just updated design of the site and gallery. So I hope you will like it 🙂

New Owner

Hello guys!
My name is Karina and I’ll be running Kendall and Kylie Jenner Fan from now on 🙂
Now I’ll be adding more photos of Kendall and Kylie to the gallery!


I’m Emily, and I’m the new owner of! This site has been vacant for a while and I really wanted to make a Kendall and Kylie fansite. Then I saw this site was up for adoption. I contacted the host and they let me have it! Expect really big updates to come in the upcoming weeks! I will upload many photos to the gallery and update this site. Thank you!



[Update] Why we have been in a long month Hiatus

Hi Guys! I’m extremely sorry for all the problems we have had these month. I was about failing school, and I had to start working hard for passing to next year. Sounds weird, right? I was a totally amazing student, and really don’t know what happened.  I’m a devoted fan from Kendall and Kylie, but as I’m a teenager, I have other fandoms too,. Like Pretty Little Liars, Justin, Selena, and I sometimes fangirl the sims 3. That’s extremely for kids but that’s me. I wanted to say I’m sorry. Really from heart. I turned this into a big deal. Just because I took more responsabilities that the ones I could really handle. I tried looking co-admins but I understand everyone has a life too. I’d like to invite you guys to be part of the site. If you are interested tweet me or contact me to It is extremely important for me getting new persons, because I’ll be leaving for a month, (yes, i’m going to the usa) and maybe the internet restrictions will be different. I know ww ere on the top, and now there are other sites that have took advantage from us. We are in the bottom, and I don’t know if continuing with this worths or not. So I need you guys to help me with a decission, please vote and consider everything. I know I should take the decission by myself, but at the end, everything I make is for Kendall and Kylie Fans, right? So please vote. It just take a minute.

This is the link to the poll!

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