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I’m Emily, and I’m the new owner of! This site has been vacant for a while and I really wanted to make a Kendall and Kylie fansite. Then I saw this site was up for adoption. I contacted the host and they let me have it! Expect really big updates to come in the upcoming weeks! I will upload many photos to the gallery and update this site. Thank you!



Kourtney Kardashian’s Birthday Project!

Hello Guys! So I’m pretty Excited about this month because we have so many things to share and so many things to do. First, April is the FIRST MONTH IN THE YEAR WHERE THERE’S A BIRTHDAY FROM OUR GIRLS. And it’s mine too [20th] but anybody cares about it..Duh.. Well, i Asked one of My gals [@DashingNetwork] to Help me and we’re making this project for Kourtney with all the Effort, Love, Best intentions and the best wishes that we can contain in our Teenage bodies. There’s nothing better than feeling loved and I think a lot time ago we haven’t share our love with the Jenner-Kardashian family, so now that is going to be Kourtney’s Birthday we want to Celebrate it with some pictures and Messages from you Dolls, and share them with Kourtney. So this is how it will be working:


+You can send an edited  Picture from Kourtney. It can Contain a message or just an Edit.

+You can send a Message for Kourtney wishing her a Happy Birthday.

+You can send Kourtney a Birthday Keek! Just record the Keek in your keek account and send us the Link.

+You can make a Video, no more than 30 Seconds longer wishing Kourtney a Happy Birthday with Messages or Pictures.

+Send this to our Twitter Accounts [@UltimateJenners] [@DashingNetwork] or through the Web’s mail [] DEADLINE: 16 April 2013.

+Pictures, Videos, Keeks and Messages will be displayed in a Blog for Kourtney to see it.

+Please put your Twitter username in anypart of the Picture, Video, name it on the Keek or At the end of the message!


Anyways we’ll be Making a party between us for Celebrating Kourtney’s Birthday! All dolls are Invited!

Friday 19th April 2013!

Don’t forget to Come in!