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Hollywood Reporter

Hello everyone! I added to the gallery scans and photoshoot pictures from the magazine Hollywood Reporter. Enjoy!

1.jpeg 1~1423.jpg 2~1356.jpg 1~1425.jpg

Kendall for Vogue USA

Hello. I added scans and photoshoot pictures of Kendall for Vogue USA. Enjoy!

1~1413.jpg 6~1090.jpg 5~1150.jpg 6~1091.jpg

Kendall for Vogue India

0~3.jpg 7~1017.jpg 1~1405.jpg 10~848.jpg

Kendall for V Magazine

1~1396.jpg 1~1395.jpg

Kendall for Vogue Australia

Kendall_Jenner_28129~0.jpg Kendall_Jenner_28129~1.jpg Kendall_Jenner_28229~0.jpg

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