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Let me say you some Persons think, they’re the Biggest Thing because they have Money or are Really Famous. Let me say you, Having Money or Being Famous doesn’t give you Rights to be a F***ing As*hole. Everything started with this Tweet:

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*For everyone who is thinking is Photoshop, it Isn’t. Look it Live clicking here. 

Well, Kendall is a big fan of Rihanna, we all know that. She loves her, loves her Music and she has tweeted about her in the Past. Kendall tweeted this yesterday [April 7th 2013] and said that she would be upset if Rihanna, didn’t sing her Favorite song [Complicated] in the Concert wich is Today at 1111 S. Figueroa St,90017Los Angeles, CA, US 7:30 PM.  You all know that everyone tweet things thhat we like because twitter is fro expresing ourselves, and Kendall just said what was in her Mind. She wanted Rihanna to sing, is anything wrong with it? Really not. Only if you are Rude about her thoughts.

Well, a Fan Page about Rihanna posted this on her Instagram Account:


There’s completely nothing bad about it. Is just a Fan who keeps other fans updated with the latest news about the singer. But then:


I personally think is Something Rude. Rihanna is thinking she’s the best in this World.  I think it was Rude. Kendall is one of Rihanna’s biggests Fans, and she never did anything wrong. She just expressed herself. If Rihanna answered this to a ”Normal” fan it would be like the Biggest Scandal ever. It would been not good seen. I think if the Fan would be you, you would Completely get Mad at it. You would think she’s Rude, Disrespectful and So many Persons would stop liking Rihanna. This is my case. I completely feel that Rihanna hates the Jenner-Kardashian Family.  She commented ”Terrible” in another Picture where Kim was touching Kanye’s Butt. Well,  just wanted to share this, because you’re fans of Kendall. I won’t answer any hate comment about this. If you want to send me threats, just do it. If you love Rihanna, just unfollow me or Don’t visit the Page anymore. But I’m a Writer. My work is writing about the Truth. I only Write about what I think is correct, and this is Completely correct for me. I Don’t want to hate on Rihanna, or make this a Scandal. But really, ¿Do you think was correct was she did? No hate on this Topic, but it was Completely awful from her Part. Personally I think Rihanna thinks she’s the best of this World. Well.. She isn’t. And why didn’t she answered Kendall’s Tweet?. Why just do it commenting on a Fan Account? What coward from her Part. Aren’t you big Rihanna? Why don’t you say it to Kendall’s Face?